"Kutu is a modular, transportable art gallery,project led since 2002 by Borga Kanturk, a Turkish artist/academician. He aims to gradually make the project into a foundation; it already has a graphic designer, architect along with the founding artists and curators.KutuV.1, the first version of thegallery is made entirely of ardboard, and hasalready held afew exhibitions at its current location. Afterwards, KutuV.2, an "info kiosk" version with a tougher structure was installed in the exhibition "B-Fact", which was put together by Huseyin Alptekin in Istanbul and featured some estalished artists from the Balkans.The mostrecent activity of the project was called "KutuV.3 : audio_files", which consisted of a listening booth installed at a group exhibition with a theme centered on music. Spectators were able tolisten through headphones to five sound art works with the ommon theme of "Hypoxia", creating another curated exhibition as a subset of the "parent" one."

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