KUTU manifest:

Since the realization of its first activity in december 2002, “KUTU -portable art gallery” has been an initiative that supports the idea of institutionalizing an artist by placing him at the center.

“KUTU” connects with whatever that is public( art centers, galleries, art-schools) with in its own reated space, in the center, it opens up for itself; a sharp zone whose boundaries are drawn consciously in an eclectic manner, thus creating the strategy that allows free roaming for its institutionalized artists.

“KUTU” has been formed by a group of artists and aims to focus on its enviroment by ironically advocating instituonalization while produing additional exhibitions, which are becoming more independent in diverse art venues(places).

Borga Kanturk


"Kutu is a modular, transportable art gallery,project led since 2002 by Borga Kanturk, a Turkish artist/academician. He aims to gradually make the project into a foundation; it already has a graphic designer, architect along with the founding artists and curators.KutuV.1, the first version of thegallery is made entirely of ardboard, and hasalready held afew exhibitions at its current location. Afterwards, KutuV.2, an "info kiosk" version with a tougher structure was installed in the exhibition "B-Fact", which was put together by Huseyin Alptekin in Istanbul and featured some estalished artists from the Balkans.The mostrecent activity of the project was called "KutuV.3 : audio_files", which consisted of a listening booth installed at a group exhibition with a theme centered on music. Spectators were able tolisten through headphones to five sound art works with the ommon theme of "Hypoxia", creating another curated exhibition as a subset of t…

KUTU team:

KUTU "portable art gallery" Team:
Founder - Director: Borga Kanturk
Founder Artists: Gokcen Cabadan, Elmas Deniz, Gokce Suvari
Architect: Evrim Yigit , Art Director: Ali Bati


KUTUv.1, which is consisted of gallery room and office, covers an area of 20,25 m2. The place, with the height of 2.3 m. , keeps the chance of alterations in the lighting system and surface coverals according to due to the artists wishes.

KUTUv.1 “portable Art Gallery” is presented to an audiene for the first time in Proje4L’s group exhibition : “ Under the beach : The Pavement” from 22 november 2002 to 17 january 2003

After the first exhibition in Istanbul , Kutu has been transported to IZMIR.
This project rebuilded in a D.E.U. Faculty of Fine Arts and then Kutu will go an other activities in the faculty with an another artists.

Kutu welcomes all artists and curators to propose new ideas and projects for the gallery.

KUTUv.1: Exhibitions 01

Merhaba İç Sıkıntısı / "Hello Tedium"
(22.11.2002 – 17.01.2003) Artists: Gökçen Cabadan, Elmas Deniz, Gökçe Süvari
Curator: Borga Kantürk
Place: PROJE4L İstanbul museum of contemporary art
From the “Under the Beach: The pavement” exhibition

The situation, which is meant to be the centre of attention in
"Merhaba İç Sıkıntısı" exhibition, looks like a weariness to lack of communication. The greeting in the title of the exhibition emphasises on the effort to communicate. However by means of the works, the issues of ways of resisting like self confinement and self focusing making communication are the also lack communication. Therefore the bashful atmosphere of the works of existence greets a different meaning; which is more likely an exclamation of boredom, than an aim to communicate.Elmas Deniz creates scientific schemes and plans in her works as a way of communication. But these schemes, which are like scientific expressions, are not placed in the us…

KUTUv.1: Exhibitions 02

Kusursuz Seyirci / Perfect Spectator
30.04.2003 - 10.05.2003
Kutu v.1 "portable Art Gallery
Place: D.E.U. Faculty of Fine Arts - İzmirArtists: Murat Gunes, Zafer Gungen, Gencer Yuzer
"THE PERFECT SPECTATOR"The second exhibition held in Kutu V.1 titled "The Perfect Specator" is presenting three recent works by three artists in an interwoven manner within the prefabricated interior of the gallery, inviting its spectators to a new way of reading these works created independently of each other.The photographic images Zafer Güngen has extracted from international weekly news magazines and newspapers are spread over large pieces of flowing fabric, not bound to a frame. The works bring together unrelated images that the artist does not belong in and watches from a distance on the same surface, freeing them from their contextual meanings. Regardless of the amount of violence on the images, the density that forms when the images ar…

KUTUv.1: Exhibitions 03

Alexandre Yorgi //


KUTU v.1 "Portable Art Gallery"

Place: D.E.U. Faculty of Fine Arts, İzmirCurator:
Ahmet UhriABOUT THE EXHIBITION The third exhibition held in Kutu V.1 titled "Alexandre Yorgi Retrospective"; is presenting selected works by Alexandre Yorgi.

KUTUv.1: Exhibitions 04

Kendisi;Nesne Olarak resim, Resim Olarak Nesne
Itself: Painting as an object, Object as a painting
(30.10. 2003 - 14.11.2003)

Nilay Atsiz, Gokcen Cabadan, Seda Ozen
Curator: Borga Kantürk

Place: KUTU v.1, in DEU GSF, Floor-1, IZMIR

KUTUv.1: Exhibitions 05

'the city-engraver'
(18.12.2003 – 20.01.2004) Artists:
Elmas Deniz,Merve Sendil
Uygar Ozel, Isik Yaren

Place:KUTU v.1, in DEU GSF, Floor-1, IZMIR

KUTUv.2: office

KUTU v.2 : office:
Borga Kantürk, Evrim Yigit, Ali Bati, Elmas Deniz,
Gokce Suvari, Gokcen Cabadan, Murat Günes

KUTU v.2 is a place which was designed as an art office
for the purpose of documenting the works of the artists of “KUTU”

B-fact: “Black Sea / Baltic Sea / Barents Sea”
Mutual Realities/ Artistic Exchange/ Inter-regional Solidarity,
Recognition/Switch/Hospitality” realized within
the scope of the international exhibition.
Place: Bilgi Atelier 111, ISTANBUL
Date: 20 – 27. September. 2003

KUTUv.3: audio_files

KUTU v.3 : audio_files
“Derinlik Sarhoslugu”(Hypoxia),
“Kutu v.3:audio_files” (Sound-Music Project.)
This project is an inner Cd exhibition, edited as an Audio-Cd.
It was displayed within the scope of the joint exhibition
of “80m² Music” .

Curator: Borga Kantürk
Artists: Dissastrato, Murat Gunes, Okan Oganer,
Ugursal Sark, Fergun Urgancioglu
Place: A.S.G., Istanbul - Date: 7 – 30. November. 2003


KUTUV.4 team:
Founder / Director: Borga Kantürk
Arhchitecht: Evrim Yiðit
Artists: Gökçen Cabadan, Elmas Deniz,
Murat Güneş, Gökçe Süvari,Oliver Noens
Art Director: Ali Batı
ABOUT KUTUv.4:KUTU v.4 made up of EPS, is the box that has the maximum space as compared to the pervious ones. The interior seems almost without any boudaries, as the material is light, easy to break and white. The entrance, which is 1.5 meters high, is designed to minimize the perception of the interior of “KUTU”. The 2.5-meter long corridor, through which the viewers will have to stoop to pass, will be insulated from sound and noise to crate a deep silence in comparison to the noisy humof the gallery.As artist will be working at the construction of “KUTU”, the construction should be completed without any difficulty. Some details have to be taken care of during the initial stages of the construction. The artists will decide where they will hang up their works or how they shall display them. This means that the artists …

KUTUv.4: Exhibition

"the deepest breath”Artists: Ali Bati, Gökçen Cabadan, Elmas Deniz, Murat Günes,
Borga Kantürk, Gökçe Süvari, Oliver Noens, Evrim Yigit

Place: Kutu v.4( in exhibition “Rainbow for Tedium” AKBANK Art Centre)Date: 7 May - 12 June 2004About the exhibition;Why carry out an exhibition called “the deepest breath”? What kind of structure is its existence based upon? What are the priorities? What has been altered sine the first exhibition - the initial “KUTU” exhibition of “Merhaba ic Sikintisi”( Hello Tedium)which portrayed the identical feeling as well as the pessimist search for a way-out? (And let us not forget that it was “Hello Tedium” that actually created “KUTU”(the box). It revelated the intencitive that provided strategic solutions to the implications of the title.)“the deepest breath” emerges from a condition, which encompasses the desired to experience, to approach and eventually to reach. It consist onf the indication (suggestion) of a special place and the state that achieved…

KUTUv.5 in Munich:

CHECK-IN EUROPE. Reflecting Identities in Contemporary Art
18 May to 13 July 2006

p2p curated by Marketta Seppälä/Veronica Wiman
EPO, Erhardtstr. 27, 80469 Munich
Jasper Sebastian Stürup (DK)
Joachim Koester (DK)
Kathrine Aertebjerg (DK)
Veli Granö (FI)
Jari Silomäki (FI)
Tellervo Kalleinen (FI)
Anu Tuominen (FI)
Jacob Dahlgren (SE)
Frida Fjelllman (SE)
Uglycute (SE)
Hale Tenger (TR)
Ahmet Ögüt (TR)

KUTUv.5 images:

KUTUv.5 (place 02) , P2P , Epo, Munich, May 2006

KUTUv.5 images 02:

KUTUv.5 (place 03), P2P , Epo, Munich, May 2006

KUTUv.5 images 03:

KUTUv.5 (place 01) , P2P , Epo, Munich, May 2006


KUTUv.5(place 01):
left: Jari Silomaki (FI), right: Jasper Sebastian Stürup (DK)


KUTUv.5(place 02):
Joachim Koester (DK), Ahmet Öğüt (TR)


KUTUv.5(place 03):
left:Kathrine Aertebjerg (DK),right: Frida Fjelllman(SE)


This is a paper model of KUTUv.1 that hosted
the first KUTU exhibition called 'Merhaba ic Sikintisi' (Hello Tedium) (22.11.02-17.01.03)

KUTU cv:

KUTU v.1 :

1-“Merhaba ic Sikintisi”(Hello Boredom)
Curator: Borga Kanturk
Artists: Gokcen Cabadan, Elmas Deniz,Gokce Suvari
Place: Proje4L Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum
(within the scope of exhibition “under the beach: the pavement”)
Date: 22 October 2002 - 17 January 2003

2- “Kusursuz Seyirci”(Perfect Spectator)
Curator: Borga Kantürk
Artists: Murat Günes, Zafer Gungen, Gencer Yuzer
Place: DEÜ, Fine Arts Faculty, First Floor, Izmir
Date: 2 - 12 May 2003

3- “Alexandre Yorgi” Retrospective
Place: DEÜ, Fine Arts Faculty, First Floor, Izmir
Date: 20 May – 5 July 2003

4- “ITSELF:painting as an object, object as a painting”
Curator: Borga Kantürk
Artists: Nilay Atsız, Gokcen Cabadan,Seda Ozen
Place: DEÜ, Fine Arts Faculty, First Floor, Ýzmir
Date: 30 October - 14 November 2003

5- SEHIRKAZICI (the City-engraver)
Curator: Borga Kantürk
Artists: Elmas Deniz, Merve Sendil, Uygar Ozel, Isik Yaren
Place: DEÜ, Fine Arts Faculty, First Floor, Izmir
Date: 18 December 2003 - 20 January 2004

KUTU v.2 : office:

Borga Kantür…