KUTUv.4: Exhibition

"the deepest breath”

Artists: Ali Bati, Gökçen Cabadan, Elmas Deniz, Murat Günes,
Borga Kantürk, Gökçe Süvari, Oliver Noens, Evrim Yigit

Place: Kutu v.4 ( in exhibition “Rainbow for Tedium” AKBANK Art Centre)

Date: 7 May - 12 June 2004

About the exhibition;

Why carry out an exhibition called “the deepest breath”? What kind of structure is its existence based upon? What are the priorities? What has been altered sine the first exhibition - the initial “KUTU” exhibition of “Merhaba ic Sikintisi”( Hello Tedium) which portrayed the identical feeling as well as the pessimist search for a way-out? (And let us not forget that it was “Hello Tedium” that actually created “KUTU”(the box). It revelated the intencitive that provided strategic solutions to the implications of the title.)

“the deepest breath” emerges from a condition, which encompasses the desired to experience, to approach and eventually to reach. It consist onf the indication (suggestion) of a special place and the state that achieved by the same feeling that is experinced by the artists.

Its dilemma is to gather those who have the same feeling at the ideal moment and place and to make feel at peace. This sense of good taste emerges through a radiation of light, produced by the structure and a sterile and original state, which is created by the (special) area.

The exhibition (in its original form) does not posses a social analysis or a result. It does not target to develop an intense transmittal web or other suggestion of definite liberation. Neither does it develop alternative theoires with regard to the future of art. Ýt tends to take shape away from assertive desriptions of art.

It aims to pursue a pocket size version of a mini-utopia, rather than a great articulation, in order to capture the vision of integrality that coincides with the moment of a simple and sincere matching feeling.

A sterilized, closed circuit, isolated structure. This is an area, which has been structured from scratch for the sole intention of experiencing the summit of a moment of well-being. Consequently the mentioned state of well being can only be captured upon the competion of the structure of this place. Still yet, all can be just a dream and a “deep breath” can still be impossile to inhale. The result can only be achieved by building the structure and getting into it. The search (that produced the creation of all KUTU”portable art galleries” and the exhibitions displayed in them) continues as a result of the dissilusioning and (yet) hopeful dilemma and continues its path with the same partnership.


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