KUTUV.4 team:

Founder / Director: Borga Kantürk
Evrim Yiðit
Gökçen Cabadan, Elmas Deniz,
Murat Güneş, Gökçe Süvari,Oliver Noens

Art Director:
Ali Batı


KUTU v.4 made up of EPS, is the box that has the maximum space as compared to the pervious ones. The interior seems almost without any boudaries, as the material is light, easy to break and white. The entrance, which is 1.5 meters high, is designed to minimize the perception of the interior of “KUTU”. The 2.5-meter long corridor, through which the viewers will have to stoop to pass, will be insulated from sound and noise to crate a deep silence in comparison to the noisy hum of the gallery.

As artist will be working at the construction of “KUTU”, the construction should be completed without any difficulty. Some details have to be taken care of during the initial stages of the construction. The artists will decide where they will hang up their works or how they shall display them. This means that the artists will design the geometry of the interior of “KUTU”. Areas will be created within “KUTU” to enable the artists to make displays in “KUTU” variations made up of a variety of materials. One of the main features of “KUTU” is that it grants architectural flexibility. KUTU v.4 creates an insulated and sterile area.

Evrim Yigit

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