KUTUv.1: Exhibitions 01

Merhaba İç Sıkıntısı
/ "Hello Tedium"

(22.11.2002 – 17.01.2003)

Artists: Gökçen Cabadan, Elmas Deniz, Gökçe Süvari
Curator: Borga Kantürk
Place: PROJE4L
İstanbul museum of contemporary art
From the “Under the Beach: The pavement” exhibition

The situation, which is meant to be the centre of attention in
"Merhaba İç Sıkıntısı" exhibition, looks like a weariness to lack of communication. The greeting in the title of the exhibition emphasises on the effort to communicate. However by means of the works, the issues of ways of resisting like self confinement and self focusing making communication are the also lack communication. Therefore the bashful atmosphere of the works of existence greets a different meaning; which is more likely an exclamation of boredom, than an aim to communicate.

Elmas Deniz creates scientific schemes and plans in her works as a way of communication. But these schemes, which are like scientific expressions, are not placed in the usual way, as they should have been. Instead, they are volatile traces, drawn with crayon on a fabric. The drawings have been carried out from the place where they make sense; so they look like puzzles that are, difficult to be solved. (Unless the timid traces have already fade out)In her works Elmas Deniz on coding herself, she looses the possibility of being understood in a self-conscious way.

"The Snail" by Gökçen Cabadan, in solitude and waiting for its partner in the closed area of the gallery. It is making its magical trace on the transparent wall, that at the same time exterior keeps it away from the exterior. This invisible wall reduces the possibility of being found and the hope for communication with exterior. So the Snail is imprisoned behind its invisible wall. The other work "Wind bell" is supposed to make musical voices in the wind, however it's made of paper; so it's silent. The fragility of it makes one think, that it might be torn out even in a slight wind.

Gökçe Süvari paints nice landscapes at her home and she does them with great care, like doing embroidery. She wants to be in the places that she has never been to but only seen them in book in call ender pictures. But her care makes more like ornaments veiled in domestic, household life, and more sticked to the place she is in.

Borga Kanturk

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